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ASTERIQS School on Solid-State Spins

Organized by T. Debuisschert and JF. Roch

The next technical revolution will be driven by emerging technologies that interact coherently with the world at the quantum level: one molecule, atom, or photon at a time.
One of the quantum physical parameters that describe individual electrons and atoms is called spin, and it offers a novel way to encode digital information. During the past few years researchers have gained control over quantum behavior of individual spins, and performed measurements that were restricted to “thought experiments” a decade ago.
DONZELLA DOMINIQUE | Mise à jour le 18/05/2020

Du mardi 13 octobre 2020 à 09h00 au vendredi 23 octobre 2020

Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques, Cargèse, Cargèse