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Real and complex singularities in Cargèse

Conférence Scientifique organisée à l'IES Cargèse par Goulwen Fichou, maitre de Conférence à l'Université de Rennes.

"The field has recently known several new developments (described more precisely below) and the aim of the conference is to gather the very specialists together in order to share the new breakthroughs (and their applications) to a larger audience, including young researchers. The original goal of Singularity Theory is to classify the geometry of the so-called singular sets, namely sets that do not locally look like affine spaces. This study is only possible if the objects considered are sufficiently tame, for example in the algebraic context. In that case, the goal is to stress the regularity existing in these good singular objects, making possible some predictions and possibly some applications (for instance to physical or economic phenomena, together with fundamental mathematical ones)."

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DOMINIQUE DONZELLA | Mise à jour le 11/02/2019

Du lundi 29 avril 2019 à 09h00 au vendredi 03 mai 2019 à 18h00

Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques, Cargèse, Cargèse