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[FUZZ-IEEE09] iDEVS: new method to study inaccurate systems

Abstract—Our recent research in the fields of modeling and simulation of complex systems, led us to study fuzzy systems.
A system is fuzzy, because its parameters are inaccurate, or its behavior is uncertain. We propose in this paper to describe a new modeling method based on the association of DEVS formalism and the fuzzy sets theory. The combination of these two approaches we have permit to define a new method of inaccurate modeling. Our goal is to study systems with inaccurate parameters.

Conference : -FUZZ-IEEE09: The Annual IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, well known as FUZZ-IEEE, is one of the premier international conferences in the field of fuzzy sets and systems. FUZZ-IEEE 2009 (18th in its series) will be held on Jeju Island, Korea.
20-24 August 2009
PAUL-ANTOINE BISGAMBIGLIA | Mise à jour le 15/08/2009